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Chinese Ruanqin

The Dunhuang Ruan is a quality made Chinese musical instrument belonging to the lute family. The Ruan has a circular body, four strings and two prominent sound holes. Like the YueQin, the Ruan is often called a "moon guitar" due to the shape and playing style. It is performed using a single plectrum (larger sized pick) and the mellow sound resonates out of the two front sound holes.
Beginner Ruan Model #663
Beginner Ruan Model #663
  • Xiaoruan style Ruan
  • Traditional Chinese longevity symbol
  • Wood made from Painted Maple Tree
  • Belongs to the lute family
  • Comes with a hardshell case & accessories
  • Dunhuang manufacturer
  • Beginner Series

Beginner Ruan Model #663 Add to Cart Price:$183.95
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