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This Dunhuang brand Guzheng is carved with decorative elements of cranes and a sun. In china, Cranes are honored symbols of peace and wisdom as well as longevity because of their long life span. When two cranes are present like the two found on this Guzheng, it also represents long marriage as cranes mate for life. Depicted in this scene two cranes fly towards the sun. The sun represents many things including happiness, light and yang energy.

This Chinese Guzheng is constructed from Bubinga wood masterfully selected by the artisans from Dunhuang. Bubinga is an exceptionally beautiful, hard and dense wood. Its brownish-purple color holds a resemblance to rosewood. And it is as hard as rosewood, but has a finer texture making it less porous. With warm even tones in the wood and a subtle waving pattern makes the appearance of this wood visually rich. In terms of tonewood, Bubinga offers consistent volume, great projection and a nice reverberation sound. Prized as a popular wood for guitars and furniture making, Bubinga brings a dark and woody overtone that is perfect for traditional Chinese musical instruments. Other materials include: solid brass hinges, strings that are German steel wrapped nylon.

Instrument weight: 15.30 lbs.
Dimensions: 64” long, 13.5 inches across the bottom, 12” across the top and 2.75” depth.

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Whether you are a novice to Chinese traditional instruments, an experience player, or even a collector of specialized musical instruments, you should find the history as well as the instrument itself unique. Learn more about the Guzheng, its evolution and how this beautiful instrument is commonly played.

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  • Padded gig bag
  • Tutorial VCD
  • Full set of bridges
  • Bridge template
  • 3 sets plectra (picks)
  • Tone generator
  • Tuning wrench
  • Guzheng duster

Gig Bag Accessories
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Guzheng, (pronounced 'Goo-Ghung') is a stringed instrument, plucked by hand (often with a pick). Part of the zither family, it is an ancient Chinese musical instrument that dates back to Qin dynasty (before 206 BC). In fact, the first part of the instruments title: "Gu" means 'ancient' in Chinese. Its history goes as far back as the Spring Autumn Warring State Period where it was widely played in Qing State area, and that’s why it was previously named Qing Zheng.

The body shape of Guzheng is a combination of oblong and oval. The head and tail of Guzheng are fixed with bridges on which strings are lined across, and each string is also supported by a peg (which is movable) so that the pitch of a string can be fixed and adjusted. The earliest Guzheng has only five strings, but from the time of the Qing Dynasty on to Ming and Qing Dynasties, the number of strings increased from 12 to 16.

Prior to 1961, most Asian Guzhengs had 16 strings, but the development of the S-shaped string rest allowed for easier tuning and improved resonance to support the 21 stringed models. The new Asian zheng instrument model offered 4 octaves, whereas the 16 stringed models only offered 3 octaves.

Traditional playing techniques are as follows:
The thumb, the index, middle finger and ring finger of the right hand are used for plucking while the index, the middle and the ring finger of the left hand are for pressing, thus create a variety of tone colors. Plucking is often done with four plectra (picks) attached to the fingers.

During the long course of Guzheng’s development it has influenced and helped form five major schools, namely: Shangdong, Henan, Chaozhou, Hakka and Zhejiang. Each school shares some common playing techniques but each still maintains unique techniques and pieces. The Guzheng offers a simplified structure, richness in expression and tranquility of its tone.

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Dunhuang is the leading brand of traditional Chinese musical instruments. It is manufactured by Shanghai No. 1 National Musical Instruments, a factory which is over 150,000 square feet in size. This factory holds an ISO 9001 certification, which is obtained by following a defined set of management and quality standards defined by the International Organization for Standardization.

Dunhuang’s skilled craftsman design and manufacturer traditional Chinese musical instruments while incorporating rich symbolism that indentifies Chinese cultural heritage. It even employs well-known folk musicians as consultants to review and improve design and sound quality.

The Dunhuang brand is known throughout the east and world wide specialty markets as a quality made product line that selects rich woods and traditional materials to honor the sounds and tones of its instruments long linage. It has repeatedly won the National Silver Medal and Ministry of Light Industry Award for quality products. The newly designed Electric/Acoustic Erhu was used in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Dunhuang’s goal is to write a new chapter in the history of Chinese folk instruments with constant improvement on quality and artistic design.

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