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Traditional Chinese musical instruments create a link to the past. Whether played alone or in an orchestra, these contemporary versions of ancient styled instruments bring to life the music of ancestors and embody the spirit of an entire nation. At Music of the Orient we have combined our U.S. retail efforts with the quality brand Dunhuang. Imported directly from the factory in China, Music of the Orient is the source for authentic Dunhuang traditional Chinese musical instruments from the popular stringed zither like the Guzheng to the favorite teardrop shaped-lute Pipa Our growing selection includes models for beginners, professionals and collectors alike.

As an authentic Dunhuang seller we support this product line by offering video demos and instructions online, a FREE Dunhuang authentication service and customer service support that is unparalleled. We even have Chinese representatives that you can e-mail with your questions! At Music of the Orient we stock a large assortment of quality traditional Chinese musical instruments and then back them with the longest warranty in the industry.

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Chinese Musical Tradition

Chinese Musical Tradition       The Chinese musical tradition was well-developed as early as the Zhou Dynasty, which began in 1122 BC. As the longest lasting dynasty, the Zhou Dynasty saw a flourishing in the performance arts, as well as written art...... View More>>

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